June 26, 2015

A great cup of coffee on a cold Horsham day is a magnificent thing and at Conways we’re happy to help impart a little joy into your lives with our quality brew.

Whether it’s a early-morning takeaway to kick start your day, a catch up with friends or a cappuccino at lunchtime, our Pynsent Street bakery-cafe’s creative team can produce a coffee for you to savour.

And coffee – in all its forms and sizes – seems to take on an added importance as winter increases its hold. Warm your hands on the cup, then warm your spirit as you sip.

For the early birds out there, knowing that the doors open at Conways at 5.30am on weekdays and 7am on Saturdays means you can get a great coffee in Horsham as you head to work or exercise. Or, if you are a night-shift toiler, it might be just what you need to keep you going until the shift ends or you’re on your way home.

Coffee has been drunk in coffee houses and homes for centuries. Thought to have originated in Ethiopia, historians believe the Arabs were responsible for its spreading reputation as they traded roasted coffee across the Arabian peninsula and further afield. Today, coffee is enjoyed across the globe with people partaking in an estimated 2.25 billion cups each day. From Paris to New York and Hanoi to Horsham – a quality coffee is worth celebrating.

You can enjoy a coffee at our coffee shop and bakery-cafe all day. Why not team it with a toasted sandwich for breakfast, a slice for morning tea and one of our award-winning pies for lunch? Centrally-located in the regional city, Conways is perfect positioned for people to drop in for a break from their busy lives. And it fits the bill for a coffee catch-up in the Wimmera on Saturdays too.

When you get a yearning for coffee in Horsham, let your feet carry you through our door. Please contact us at Conways if you want more information about our coffee and our delicious range of fresh, tasty food. Our opening hours are 5.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 2pm Saturday. And we look forward to making you a quality coffee.