July 31, 2015

When the frost-covered grass crunches underfoot, there’s nothing like the warm hug of an award-winning Conways pie in Horsham to improve your world.

So don’t delay. Get those feet moving, get out of the winter chill and get into our family-owned and run bakery-cafe for some great-flavoured respite. Pies are a much loved Aussie tradition and one the Conways crew is proud to serve up on a cold winter’s day.

The choice is huge. Perhaps you want to bite into a classic meat pie, tempt your tastebuds with a vegetarian one or sample a seafood pie. With over 30 varieties on offer, we’re confident you’ll find a flavour you love. We can even satisfy the dessert lovers with sweet pies.

And once you’ve made your purchase, there’s no need to brave the cold. Sit in our cafe or our popular outdoor alfresco area, which is well set up for winter use with a welcoming heat-ray system and cafe blinds that create a toasty, comfortable and protected dining experience for customers. It’s just perfect for a catch up with friends or a warming pit stop to refuel before facing the rest of your day.

At Conways, we’ve been perfecting pie making for decades. We don’t like our job, we love it. And that drives us to keep on producing award-winning pies that satisfy our customers.

Winter in the Wimmera is about pulling the beanie over your ears. It’s about shrugging into the warm coat, winding the scarf around your neck and staying warm through bitterly cold mornings, rain, biting wind and early night fall. It’s a season flavoured by footy and netball, by warm fires and by hot pies in Horsham. Yep, it’s winter and let’s toast it with a Conways pie.

So if you are in Horsham, or passing through on your way to Adelaide or Melbourne, then chase away the cold with a great-tasting pie in our cafe and heated outdoor area. Please contact us for more information about our wide range of pies in Horsham.